American Flag

100% Made in USA

US Flags  3x5 / 4x6 / 5x8 ft

Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes

American Flag 3x5 by Rushmore Rose USA

EAN 5060489590008

American Flag 4x6 by Rushmore Rose USA

EAN 5060489590015

The Highest Quality and Best American Flag by Rushmore Rose USA

3x5 / 4x6 / 5x8 ft US Flag - Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes - Nylon


★ CERTIFIED 'MADE IN USA' FLAG - WHEN YOU BUY THIS US FLAG - You Honor the Veterans who fought for our Flag, our Freedom and our Future. You believe in Our Nation and our Tomorrow - HOPE & BELIEF ★


Highest Quality Nylon for all harsh outdoor weather. Light Flyability with Reinforced Polyester header for tough extra strength. Heavy Duty Brass Grommets and Quadruple Stitched Fly Hem - TOUGH ★

★ A TRUE AMERICAN FLAG - 100% MADE BY U.S. EMPLOYEES ON HOME SOIL - made by "... the People of the United States..." Deep Blue and Red sheds water naturally and dazzles with RICH VIVID COLORS made by skillful workmanship. Certified by FMAA which is the only guarantee it's GENUINE ★

★ BURST WITH PRIDE as you raise this Flag over your property. Our Dream Lives on as we respect the virtues of our Founding Fathers with the US Flag - PRIDE ★

★ ONE YEAR WARRANTY - The LONG LASTING Flag you need - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. The Best Christmas Gift for your Patriotic Family Home, Garden or Office, indoors or on the lawn outside - RELIABLE ★

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American Flag 5x8 by Rushmore Rose USA

EAN 5060489590022

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