American Flags - Genuine or Fake ?

It's extremely sad that so many self-respecting Americans knowingly or unknowingly decide to purchase American Flags that are NOT Made in the USA.


While many Americans are price-sensitive and normally shop for the products which are of the best value, it's a false economy to purchase foreign made flags.


A large proportion of flags sold in the US are Manufactured in China and other overseas countries and the sad fact is that many of them are of such low quality that within a few days or weeks they fall apart and tear in the harsh weather that America's climate sometimes offers.

A high number of these suppliers are on large well-known retail websites and claim to be of good quality. This isn't the caes and the fact is that the flags have been made overseas and not in the USA and therefore the U.S. manufacturing industry suffers, American workers have less job security and worse, are made redundant.


This is extremely sad and while the U.S. government has passed a law stating that all government buildings should purchase American-made flags they've not made it a law throughout the entire country. Why this is the case, we have no idea !

Some states have gone ahead and decreed that all municipal buildings must display American made flags but sadly this is simply not enough.


We at Rushmore Rose USA passionately believe that all American Flags should be Made in America and thereby supporting America's own interests and people, while honoring our Veterans who gave so much so that we could live in freedom. This is aside from the point that most overseas-made flags are cheap and simply don't last a decent amount of time.


Rushmore Rose USA is proud to supply the American people with U.S. flags that are made by U.S. workers on home soil. Guaranteed !


This is why we have tens of thousands of customers who are extremely happy with their purchase from us. We're ranked very highly on and this is a result of all our customers purchasing and repurchasing, time and time again.

We hope you can see the benefits of buying only American-made U.S. flags and that we can all Pledge our Allegiance to a true American Flag.