We are a small family run company with a love for America. We celebrate the American Flag with Dignity, Respect and Honor. It's Our Heritage and our Future.
We look to the Flag and see our tomorrow.
Old Glory has many tales to tell and it's through these stories we try to shape the future for the better. For this reason, we believe all American Flags should be Made in America to better our great Nation.
Respect, Honor, Pride and Hope for the Future with True American Flags
Our Flags are Premium Quality as you would expect and are 100% Made in the USA.
We're proud to support US Manufacturing and we invest in our country and the betterment of all US citizens.
With very best regards
Charles Miller
Rushmore Rose USA - True American Flags

About Us

Rushmore Rose USA is committed to :


- The Highest Quality Flags

- Made in the USA !

- Long Lasting

- High Personal Value

- Awesome Customer Care, Service & Commitment

- The Rushmore Rose Guarantee

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Charles Miller