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Flag looks great and I really like the quadruple stitching on the end to help prevent shredding as I live in a very windy area.

                                                       - Bill   4/1/19

GREAT FLAG. My neighbor was a POW in Vietnam.
Every year we take turns replacing each other’s flags. This year was my turn to buy. I purchased a flag from your company via Amazon. A little pricey, but we get what we pay for. Best flag I’ve ever owned. I was proud to provide this flag to my neighbor. Made in USA alone is worth the extra cost. But this is truly a quality flag. Bright colors. Durable fabrics. The flag snaps in the wind. I will only buy this brand of flag going forward.

                                                       -  David Dylak  3/13/19


I am a disable veteran myself, and as this country has given my family and me so much, we are very particular on displaying the American flag. As no flag lasts forever, I have purchased many in the past. This particular flag is a great quality flag. The stitching is superior, the overall quality is outstanding, and the fact that it is made in America by American hands is obviously of utmost importance. AAA+++ to this supplier! I highly recommend them and their product.

                                                      - Mike House  2/19/19

I am using this flag to display in the front of our school. It is a sturdy material and it looks beautiful.
Thank you.                                    - Ani    2/19/19


"Our flag is so beautiful 😍 I display mine high on the wood fascia. The colors are bright so it is seen from afar and the workmanship perfection! Made in America proudly and every piece perfectly stitched to achieve the highest quality and durability possible. I love this flag​"

                                                    - Amazon Customer  1/28/19

" Received your flag on time. It is well constructed with vibrant colors. I am well pleased with the quality your product and will be purchasing more. I will be recommending Rushmore Rose USA to others. I'm always proud to display the Colors! I will follow up with a picture when our weather breaks here in Bristol, TN in East TN from the rain. God Bless the USA! " 

                                                   - Fred Jackson  11/13/18

" I ordered USA Flag for neighbor who served in Desert Storm. His present flag was old, faded and made in China. When he received, Veteran said this Flag was the finest he had ever flown. Ordered day before Veterans Day and was delivered on Veterans Day for him to fly.....he was thrilled with the surprise! God Bless you, God Bless Amazon, God Bless America!"

                                                  - Grace Thompson  11/21/18

“Best Made in the USA American Flag! There are a lot of companies out there who advertise that their flag is proudly made in the USA, but deliver a product that I would be embarrassed to hang outside my home. Rushmore Rose USA flags are the real deal.”                                                               - R. Dimick  01/22/17

“Beautiful American Flag, made in the USA is very, very important to us! Couldn't be happier with our purchase, excellent service and received it within a few days of ordering it. Highly recommend this company.”        - Connie  03/07/17

“ This is the most beautiful flag I have ever seen. The workmanship was outstanding. My son was so pleased with his gift. The follow up email with an attachment of dates to display our flag was a pleasant surprise. You can certainly tell they are proud of their flag and rightly so. I can't get over how beautiful the flag is. Thank you so much.”        - M.K. Myers  03/07/17


“Outstanding quality. A masterpiece of construction. A true thing of beauty.”        - Kindle Customer   03/07/17

This is the second or third time we've bought a flag like this. It's heavy duty, embroidered, and will last longer than the flimsy screen-printed (or whatever they are) ones. The last one we bought finally succumbed to mother nature and started to look ragged, but rain, snow, sleet and heavy winds take their toll. The next time we need to replace Old Glory, we'll get this again!

                                                            - Greg  4/3/19

Beautiful, durable, well made in USA. What more could anyone ask for?

                                                            - Susan Middleton  1/29/19

"Replaced a cotton flag with this Rushmore Rose, and it drapes and flows so beautifully in the wind. Very well made and worth the money; this is my 2nd flag, needing a smaller size when I fly 2 flags at the same time and I ordered Rushmore Rose due to the value & beauty of my first one."

                                                            - Ididbuildit    1/21/19

" This beautiful flag exceeded my expectations. I work some times 14 hours a day and do NOT have the luxury of shopping for a new flag, thank you guys and Amazon for making this easy for me. "

                                                           - Steve M.  11/18/18



" Super quality, and the second one we've bought. The last one lasted about 5 years....until Hurricanes Florence and then Michael got a hold of it when it was hit by some debris and ripped. I had it tied back as it is on a 8' pole attached to my home, but still the strong winds defeated my tie back job that I did to minimize flapping in the wind. Of course we only received 50 to 60MPH winds for a bit, but the color was still good even after 5 or so years, and it only ripped where the Blue and Stars were. The point is that other flags failed to last a year, would fade very quickly and tatter in very little time. I'm a believer and will stick with this quality going forward. Hope to dodge future storms and keep this one for many years to come! "

                                                            - Denis Coomer  10/25/18

“The flag is well made. It is beautiful and has deep bright colors. We find ourselves looking and staring at the flag every time we leave the house and every time come home.”                -Jenny Nguyen  02/27/17

“ Terrific, durable, lightweight, and everything I was hoping it would be. I got this flag to carry during public events, and it suits the purpose completely. It will also spend time affixed to my house from time to time. The stitching, fabric, and grommets are all very sturdy, and the colors are vivid.”     - Gregory Clark   02/26/17


“Very nice flag, A lot better than other flags I have purchased. I guess you have to spend a little more for quality.” - R, Schneider   02/19/17

“I have had this flag for several months and it has been outside in the wind, rain, sun, and snow ! is a great product and has remained a vibrant color which almost appears to glow with patriotic glory... I love coming home seeing it presenting all those who fought and continue to fight for our freedom !”                         -Amazon Customer  02/20/17

"Very high quality flag and beautiful, Rushmore truly cares about the quality and care for their product. I wouldn't buy another flag, simply because this one will never tear or anything! It feels long lasting and looks like it was made to last long!"

                                                   - Cameron - Amazon Customer  8/6/17

"It's Perfect, it's Beautiful, it's America ! "

                                                           - Napa Linda  7/26/17

"Made in USA! What a beautiful non-cloth flag. Very light, well constructed, it's a VERY lively flag even in light wind. Excellent double stitching, Has been flying out in the sun for a month and for now, no wear, fade or tears. I like how light and agile it is since we get some good steady breezes here at the beach and doesn't stress my flag pole."                                                - Anthony Pitko - 8/3/17

"The Flag came and I was very excited and happy to find that the flag was even better quality than I had expected. The flag flys high and makes that pop sound as it flies. You only get that with a quality flag. The company Rushmore Flags cared about me the customer and if the flag met my expectations. I appreciated that they care about the quality and that I the customer is very satisfied"

                                                                          - Diane Braid 8/10/17